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Forums > Living in Kunming > Things to do in the rain

Heller - we kind of like the people and noise! A nice change from where they live in Australia (which is suburban / borderline country - so it's pretty quiet!)
Faraday - we were going to keep it pretty simple. Bird and Flower Market, Yuantong Temple, and Yunnan Provincial Zoo were the main things. Maybe Xishan / West Gate.

Does anyone know whether the market still operates in the rain?

(I have a baby so though we've been here 4 months I'm usually home in the rain!)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Things to do in the rain

NB - Low key ideas are welcome too. They had a great and busy time in Bangkok and are off to Dali and Lijiang in the week, so are happy for Kunming to include some down time.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Things to do in the rain

So the family have come to visit Kunming for 3 days - and it looks like it's going to rain for all of them! None of the things we have plan are all that great for wet weather so I'm looking for ideas.
Does anyone have suggestions of things to do in Kunming (or surrounds - day trips are ok) on rainy days for a family including 2 teenage boys?

Other than eat - we've got that covered!

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Bus to Yunnan wild animal park

Hi there, planning on taking the little one out to Yunnan wild animal park tomorrow. On the internet we read to take bus 10 from Jianshe Lu. But checked today and that info seems wrong. Anyone have a more up to date info re getting there n back? Cheers

Forums > Living in Kunming > Fake Apple Store in Kunming

Does anyone know whether the 'fake' apple store unearthed a few years ago, specifically the one with the winding stair case, a) still trades and b) its address?

Am doing some uni research on intellectual property in China and would love to see it first hand for myself. Cheers


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