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Music and Image Art Project


Alfred Vaagsvold, painting
Rune Alver, piano
Luo Fei, He Libin, Huang Yuejun, performance
Opening Time: 3pm, Sep 13th, 2014

Project Outline by artists:

Our project is a presentation of Norwegian music and art. Alfred Vaagsvold will present his paintings. Rune Alver will play Norwegian piano music.

The project will take place within the exhibition venue, including workshops, opening ceremony, concerts and performance.

Alver will play Norwegian classical music starting out with well-known melodies from Edvard Grieg´s music for Henrik Ibsen´s Peer Gynt, like Morning Mood, Solveig´s Song, In the Hall of the Mountain King. In addition he will present Grieg´s pieces Norwegian Folk Song and Pesant Dances, Pictures from Folk Life, Poetic Tone-Pictures.

Later in the program, Alver will present the more modern musical language of David Monrad Johansen, like Images from northern Norway, Portraits from the Middle Ages, Dances from Northern Norway. This more recent music, we will link together with the pieces of art being produced by Vaagsvold during the preparations and during the opening ceremony, concerts and performances as well.

We imagine the first part of our stay to be like workshops: we work on the pieces of art in the venue, and we work on the music. During the process we invite people inside.

If possible, we´d like to meet Chinese artists and musicians and somehow develop a collaboration with them. We´d like to meet Chinese classical musicians as well as Chinese musicians specializing in the European classical music style. It would be of great interest for Alver to play together with Chinese musicians.

It is very much appreciated that Luo Fei, He Libin and Huang Yuejun accept participating during the opening sceremonywith a performance on their own.

Read more about Alfred Vaagsvold’s project at TCG Nordica in 2009

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