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Green Screening: A Life on Our Planet


Don‘t forget to sign up for May Green Screening on Wednesday.

We are super stoked and honored to invite Dr. Sophia Xinman Wang (Ph.D.) of Yunnan Artists Association to speak at our next film screening on the 26th! She will be leading our discussion around harmony with nature and helping us connect our lives with the continued efforts to protect nature and biodiversity.

Sophia Xinman Wang is an accomplished artist from Yunnan whose artistic career and inspirations have spread from Western impressionist style to her Chinese folk heritage to create eco-friendly focused, participatory art. Her recent work revolves around ecological and environmental connections between humans, animals, nature and the artists’ materials

with a focus on reclaimed materials. She has been a part of numerous global and local organizations for art and ecological preservation and is executive director for the 2021 Nature & Art Global Art Competition to support Global Biodiversity.

Please help share and spread the news on your social media platforms. Limited seatings, please DM to secure a spot.

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