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Green Screening Series March, Mission Blue


Kindly reminder of our upcoming film screening on ocean awareness this Wednesday at 7pm in Kunming. We will watch Mission Blue, igniting public support for a global network of marine protected areas, featuring Sylvia Earle, a legendary oceanographer who has been at the frontier of deep ocean exploration for four decades.

We invited Captain, the manager of FUNSEA Free diving Club in Yunnan and an SSI free diving instructor as our guest speaker for the night.

Various issues that are threatening our marine eco-system will be addressed, more importantly, we will delve into solutions to the challenges that each and every one of us is facing. The film will be followed by a fun, interactive session led by our guest speaker on re-learning breathing. Hope you can help spread the news on your social media platforms.

Limited seatings, please DM to secure a spot. Hope to see you there.

我们本月的绿色电影放映将在本周三晚7点在昆明举行。我们将会一起观看主题纪录片蓝色任务,分享一直站在海洋的最前线,勘探40年的海洋学家希尔维亚·厄尔博士的故事。当晚,我们还邀请了Captain作为我们的分享嘉宾。Captain是FUNSEA 自由潜水俱乐部云南区主理人, 是名SSI自由潜水教练。我们会具体了解威胁我们海洋生态环境和多样性的挑战,当然,更重要的是,我们会深入探讨我们现在能做的改变去扭转我们每个人都面临的海洋生态危机。电影结束之后,Captain 会带领大家参与有趣的互动环节,了解呼吸过程,重新认识呼吸与循环系统并体验腹式呼吸与闭气。希望大家能在你的社交媒体上帮忙宣传我们本月的活动,我们旨在提高我们海洋生态环境保护意识。名额有限,请私信报名。希望周三见!

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