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What does being a woman mean to you?


What does being a woman mean to you?

"Being able to present myself in the public and being able to cook for the family."



"Independent, powerful, sexy."

"The balance between work and family."


"Beautiful brain, a warm heart."

"Family, responsibility, wife, mother, role model for kids."


"How to challenge the patriarchal concept in a patriarchal society."

"I see gender as more of a label that puts people into boxes created by society that doesn't and shouldn't impact the choices I want to make in my life."

“It means learning how to be strong and thrive in a world that isn't necessarily built for us. It is discovering who you are in a world of a million other opinions of what you should be. It's a difficult, complex but sometimes wonderful journey.”

We collected these answers from a survey we previous distributed.

These answers from women in different cultural backgrounds, race, age and professions brought us to the very question--is there really a big cultural difference in "being a woman"?

We are organizing a series of events, aiming to explore the differences and/or similarities in women's life experiences.

All discussions will be held in an equal, diverse, multicultural environment. All questions and discussions will be translated in both Chinese and in English.

There will be three different ways to engage with our theme--"what does being a woman mean to you"--with both Chinese and foreign women:
1.Panel presentation
2.Small group discussion
3.Large group discussion

We are looking for people--
who identity as a woman
who are interested in talking about what it means to be a woman in today's society.

Time: Nov. 3rd (Sunday) evening 18:30-21:00
Location: close to Yunnan University (the Green Lake)
Limited seats available. Please scan the QR code below and sign up.
We will contact you via Wechat 48 hours before the event after we receive your information and send you the exact location.

This is a non-profit event. No fees charge.

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