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Free Demo Mandarin Class - Intermediate Level


The fall semester of 2019 is coming soon. Tenwest is preparing 3 Mandarin groups class for students who are interested in studying with other international students. The groups class run two semesters per year (Spring Semester and Fall Semester). The coming group class of fall semester will last 21 weeks (from August 26 to January 14) and 8 sessions class for each week (one session is 45 minutes).

3 levels of Mandarin programs are available to choose. All levels are related to HSK and TPR ( Total Physical Response, which is the typical teaching method at Tenwest Language School ).

If you or your friends are interested in group class please sign up as early as possible.

A free demo group class (45 minutes) will be offered to you to have the real experience at Tenwest. You can sign up for one demo class at least one day in advance via the following contacts:

Office Phone:0871-65747722. Email: tenwest.km@hotmail.com web:www.tenwest.cn
Wechat: 18087112614 ( Fenny ),13888247427 ( Francisco )

Address: Linyu Road, North District, Carnival Building A, 8th floor, No. 805

Beginner Level Class:

Aug 21, Wednesday 10:00 am. TPR surviving Spoken & listing course.

Intermediate Level Class:

Aug 21, Wednesday 13:00pm, BOYA Chinese in TPR teaching.

Advanced Level Class:
Aug 21, Wednesday 10:00, TPR topic Course.

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