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Culture 7:30pm 30 yuan

Where I Am - Exhibition, Concert, Charity


PLEASE NOTICE: This event takes place at our new location.

Add: 3rd Floor, Mall No. 1, The Second Road of Rain Town (RiXin East Rd and QianXing Rd Intersection)

音乐会 Concert
画展 Exhibition
公益慈善 Charity

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✚ Income will be donated to “Angel's Home" which helps children with cerebral palsy

音乐会 Concert - 音乐带我去的地方 Where Music Takes Me

Solveig Weisser来自挪威,在昆明学习中文和中国文化。她对民间音乐特别感兴趣,自小学习两种挪威传统乐器。这次将会使用挪威传统乐器——哈登角琴为大家演奏北欧传统音乐。在昆明期间,她也学习了葫芦丝。音乐人希望借着音乐会,带大家进入一段旅程,从挪威到中国。

I am a Norwegian student studying Chinese language and culture here in Kunming, and I have a special interest in folk music. I play two Norwegian folk instruments, and have brought one of them along with me, which is called Hardingfele. With the wish of getting to know Chinese music, I’ve also started to learn how to play Hulusi. At this concert, my good friends and I will guide you, by means of musical travel, through my trip from Norway to China.

画展 Exhibition - 着迷 Caught Up

Johanna Lauritzen和Sanne Raabjerg是来自丹麦的年轻艺术家。


“我们为情绪、生活、时间所着迷,也为之困住。” 当你陷入某些困惑之时,你是想要突破,还是更深入探究?


Johanna Møberg Lauritzen and Sanne Raabjerg are two young, Danish artists.

Throughout their time in China, the two artists have learned and grown as they faced new situations, bringing up questions that demanded answers. This exhibition is a culmination of those experiences and questions, and the artists’ mutual desire to break free and grow. We become caught up in emotions, in life, caught up by time, trapped, captured. When you are caught up in something, should you try to break free? Or should you dive deeper?

Johanna and Sanne seek to break free by diving deep and breaking the boundaries of how we express these feelings, using bright colors, deep contrasts and fine brush strokes as fuel.

公益慈善 Charity




Cerebral palsy is a neurodevelopmental disease, referring to brain damage appearing during prenatal or postnatal development. The disease is permanent and non-progressive, meaning it doesn’t get worse over time nor is it curable. However it is treatable, and experts in neuroscience, rehabilitation and speech therapy can help to improve a patient’s life a lot.

Angel's home is a program under Kunming Trinity Church. The program provides help to patients with different kinds of mental disorders, such as autism, and Down syndrome, among others. Eric and Solveig are there as volunteers. Volunteers come to have classes with them, for example history class, music class, and English class. Therapists also visit the program to provide physical therapy to the patients.

The income of this event will be donated to Angel's home.

时间: 5月17日 19:30
✚ 门票收入将捐给“天使之家”公益项目,支持脑瘫儿童康复活动

Time: 19:30 May17th

Add: 3rd Floor, Mall No. 1, The Second Road of Rain Town (RiXin East Rd and QianXing Rd Intersection)
Tel: 64114691
Entrance fee: CNY30/person

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