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Pizza @ DT Bar's Sunday Garden Party!


Pizza @ DT Bar's Sunday Garden Party!

Fresh homemade bread, pizza & drinks today at DT!

We have Plain White (35元), White with Caraway (35元) and Whole Wheat (40元).

Loafs are ~750gr of crispy, crunchy goodness.

To make sure you get your loaf order Saturday before 7pm!

Look for 'The Loaf' or 'Iankunming' on WeChat, order directly at DT or send me (Ian_Kunming) a private message.

Pick up your loaf Sunday at DT from 4 o'clock!

Didn't order? We always have some extra loafs.

Booze, Bread, Blues.

Sundays at DT. 4pm.

Free suntan!

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