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Deutsche Filmnacht / German Movie Night


We want to establish a monthly German movie night and invite you to come over and enjoy the peculiarities of German movies and culture in a cozy setting.

Kickoff will be the movie "white ribbon" addressing the typical social constellations over 100 years ago. The movie will be screened in German with Chinese and English subtitles.

Afterwards we would like to have an easy-going exchange about whatever moved you and maybe how the social constellations have changed as well as relating it to Chinese society nowadays.

There will be no admission fee and beers will be available 50% off.

So come and join us for a cultural dive into early last century's German society.

Any question? Call Susan for further information: 155 87182780

Note: The venue has changed to the Elephant Books on Wenhua Xiang

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The Elephant Books • Wenhua Xiang 4-6 (in courtyard behind Mazagran)