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Chinese Herbs and Vegetables Event

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Ever wonder about how to use Chinese herbs in your daily life?  Wonder what all those mysterious dried plants are in the jars at the local pharmacy?  Let American Licensed Chinese Medicine Practitioner Kelly Clady-Giramma de-mystify them for you!  

On Sunday, October 26 from 3-5pm Kelly will lead a fun and informative program at Cultural Diving, introducing commonly found Chinese food-herbs such as white peony, dang gui, ginger and many more.  Attendees will learn which health conditions each herb can apply to and how to use them in medicinal teas, soups and stews.
Find out what the Chinese have known for thousands of years: food can do far more than just fill up your stomach, it can actually balance and heal the body.  Bring friends and questions.
Kelly Clady-Giramma is a licensed Chinese Herbalist and Acupuncturist from the United States.  She has been coming to China since 1987 when she was a college student studying Chinese.  Kelly completed her Masters Program in Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco.  She and her husband then moved to Suzhou where they lived from 2004-2007.  During this time Kelly received extensive medical training, at hospitals in both Suzhou and Shanghai, in the areas of acupuncture, internal medicine, dermatology and gynecology. 

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