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abcdabcd You must be leading a very sheltered life to not have heard about AA. It's helped alcoholics to confront their problem internationally. The 12 steps are tools that move thinking from being often in denial to coping with the daily grind of staying sober. I know a couple of people who would similarly say that since being on AA, they have been able to gain control of their lives and re-establish relationships with people, which have dissolved because of their alcoholism.

You say that you don't want to interfere, yet you post this incredibly negative and abusive message about a matter that you clearly have no direct or indirect relationship with. How tasteless. How utterly mean.

I hope you can refrain from replying again and turning this well meant post into an undeserved attack.

Bill good luck with your search! I'm sure there are many people who could benefit from your mentorship and I'm sorry that your post has been met with this sort of idiotic reply.



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