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GoKunming Weekend Preview

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Friday: Elin Färnstrand at TCG Nordica
Singer/songwriter Elin Färnstrand will be joined by Daniel Youngström and others onstage at TCG Nordica tonight. Music starts at 8:00, admission to the show is 15 yuan.

Friday: HYPER SPACE party at Uprock
Formerly based in Taichung, Taiwan, DJs 3b and Countess Kriz are bringing their HYPER SPACE party to Uprock tonight, featuring funky and tech house and more. Music starts around 10:00, entry is free.

Saturday: No No-Car Day
Kunming's municipal government has temporarily suspended its monthly no-car days, which normally take place on the last Saturday of each month. The massive overhaul of the city's second ring road is the official reason for the suspension. According to Kunming media reports, monthly no-car days will resume once construction of the new double-decker road is complete.

Saturday: Youth art exhibition opening at TCG Nordica
Nordica will host an opening for their youth art exhibition 'The Pictures We See' Saturday night at 8:00. Entry is free.

Saturday: Zhou Yunpeng at Qunide Bar
Blind folk musician Zhou Yunpeng (周云蓬), formerly of influential indie label Modern Sky returns to Kunming Saturday night, playing a 9:30 show at the newish Qunide Bar (去你的吧) on the second floor of the Kundu Business City (昆都商场). Admission is 40 yuan.

Saturday: Bad Monkey opening party with Tribal Moons
Kunming's Tribal Moons will be playing all night at the new location of the Bad Monkey in Dali. The new incarnation of the Bad Monkey is still on Renmin Lu, across the street and about 20 meters up the hill. Music starts at 9:00, entry is free.

Saturday: Rave Night at Uprock
Saturday is rave night at Uprock, with music by DJs Miki, Shonny and Echoo. Music starts at 10:00, entry is free.

Sunday: Swap meet at Uprock Terrace
A swap meet will take place on the outdoor terrace at Uprock beginning at 2:00 pm on Sunday. Visitors are welcome to bring anything they want to swap or sell, entry is free.

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