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Come join the Heart 2 Heart charity fundraiser!

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For more than a decade, the good people at Heart to Heart Community Care have provided social services and outreach programs to the ever-growing number of migrant families living in Kunming. In an effort to help Heart to Heart raise much-needed money, several home-grown businesses, international companies, local associations and governmental organizations have banded together to throw a fundraiser on June 1, which just happens to be International Children's Day.

About Heart to Heart Community Care

Heart to Heart Community Care is a Kunming-based NGO that aims to improve the quality of life for Kunming's migrant workers. In addition to conducting research and engaging in policy advocacy, Heart to Heart provides a variety of services directly to Kunming's migrant worker community.

These include a children's activities center, recycling resource center, women's handicraft workshop, second-hand mutual aid shop, domestic violence intervention services, legal rights counseling, and an elderly care center. In order to address important issues facing migrant worker families, Heart to Heart works together with other local and international organizations, including schools, the provincial government, and local police stations, while also accepting the help of many volunteers.

Children's Day Fundraiser

The Heart to Heart Fundraiser will begin at 2pm on June 1 at Kunming's Sofitel Hotel in the hotel ballroom. Attendance is of course free and open to all.

The event will feature an auction, sponsor booths, and a selection of hors d'oeuvres and drinks generously provided by Sofitel. In addition, in recognition of International Children's Day, organizers have arranged for a bouncy castle and two small carousels to be set up for the kids, as well as cookie and cake-decorating activities.

Auction items

• Three vouchers for two-hour life-coaching sessions by Yuri Ferrer (total value: 9,000 yuan)
• Two-night stay for two in a Sofitel luxury suite (value: 5,000 yuan)
• 10 buffet vouchers for Sofitel's Kwee Zeen restaurant (total value: 2,880 yuan)
• Professional Chinese-English translation (2,000 words) provided by Crosby Art Consulting (value: 1,700 yuan)
• 5 bottles of Italian wine donated by China Multi-Service Consulting (total value: 1,560 yuan)
• Shopping voucher from Vivi Bridal (value: 1,299 yuan)
• Assorted boxes of hothouse flowers provided by Anthura (total value: 1,250 yuan)
• Two individual spa treatments from Sofitel's So Spa (total value: 900 yuan)

Special thanks to Knox Education, which has already made a 4,000 yuan cash donation to the fundraiser.

Participating donors and sponsors

The Heart to Heart Fundraiser has been organized through the tremendous efforts of Tudou, who would like to thank all of the individuals and organizations involved. Those groups include Anthura, China Multi-Service Consulting, GoKunming, Crosby Art Consulting, Lighthouse English, Knox Education, Kunming Charities Commission, Kunming TransAsia Entrepreneur's Society, Salvador's Coffee House, Sofitel, Vivi Bridal, Yujing Dazhai, and the Yunnan Foreign Business Club.

In accordance with Chinese law, all money raised, whether through the auction or via personal donations, will first be given to the Kunming Charities Commission, which will then make 95 percent of the funds available to Heart to Heart.

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This all sounds good and I hope many people will be there to contribute and/or bid up the auction items, but what is the Kunming Charities Commission and what happens to their 5% cut?

Great! How can I make an offer for auction? To whom should I talk or with whom should I contact?

@ lesdon: contact Heart to Heart Community Care, hit the link above for contact details.

If you want to get involved with the activity in anyway, please contact Tudou 187-2504-4457 or wechat: tudourox

Is there a dress code? Shorts? Sandals? Though since it's the Sofitel, I'd recommend shoes and jeans to avoid the dirty looks form the well groomed security :0

Oh wait, it's children's day and a bouncy castle. Forget the dress code!

There is no dress code, but if you're going to come in sandals please bring a pair of socks for when you use the bouncy castle ;)

Yeah, don't let the location (wherever it is) put you off.

We would like to congratulate everyone involved in the fundraiser, especially Tudou and those working at host venue Sofitel. Through their, and many other people's, efforts the Heart 2 Heart auction raised a whopping 39,000 yuan today.

Fantastic work everyone!

Thank you to all those who helped yesterday. Its good for foreigners to make a positive contribution to the local community.

We had some late donations which has taken the grand total for money raised through the event to over 47,000RMB.

Congratulations on an effort well carried out.

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