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China blogs: China vs. South Korea, unpopular officials, one-child policy

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On the 110th anniversary of the Boxer Rebellion and the 60th anniversary of the Korean war, Jeremiah Jenne of Jottings from the Granite Studio goes in search of Chinese school textbooks to look at how they inform Chinese "memories of violence," providing some basic history lessons along the way.

These days, government officials are some of the most disliked people in China. China Media Project introduces a translation of an article from the Southern Metropolis Daily that asks when "I'm an official" became a dangerous thing to say in times of trouble and suggests that the only solution is checks on official power.

China Hush has been busy investigating rumors this week. First, they look for the origins of the belief that the North Korean team will be punished for their defeat in the World Cup by being sent to the mines, giving them an excuse to share some Photoshopped pictures of the players with coal dust all over their faces. Then they explore rumors that have fueled claims of cultural theft and antagonism between China and South Korea (albeit possibly more on the Chinese side).

Finally, Shanghaiist links to an overload of articles on the 30th anniversary of China's one-child policy on the Marketplace website, where you can learn countless new facts about this generation-shaping policy.

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