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@neddy: please stop asking the same thing over and over. Want peer-reviewed articles? Use google or baidu. It literally takes one second and if you have these sorts of questions, you can find out for yourself instead of egging people on. Now to directly contradict what I just wrote, here is a starting place:

Forums > Living in Kunming > What do you love about Kunming?

I love the water delivery guys. They have a crap job and are always in an incredible hurry. But in my experience they are incredibly friendly even after lugging two jugs of water up seven flights of stairs.


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@changkt: I very much agree with you. My sister hiked the AT in its entirety several years ago and now goes back for volunteer maintenance all the time. Having a trail system in Yunnan with that amount of dedication would be amazing. I hope it happens. Brice, 加油!

Don't know if Red Point is still going, but last year Kunming added a "6" to the beginning of all land line numbers. Try calling 63372350.

@ tommann

A few thoughts: The article says quite clearly that they confessed, making notions of 'innocent until proven guilty' a bit superfluous. Also, people writing in the forums on GoKunming don't usually issue final verdicts in Chinese courts.



A beautiful old building. I've been multiple times just to watch them fill TCM prescriptions upstairs from those cool old drawers. Fascinating place and a great addition to an afternoon at the Bird and Flower Market or stroll through the Zhengyifang area.


Ordered pizza for delivery on Meituan. 30 minutes later I get a personal call from the Slice of Heaven manager apologizing for being too busy and taking too long. They threw in a free beer for my "trouble".

Proper service!


This place is basically a kitchen with four outdoor tables. The limited menu is extremely good and changes with seasonal seafood offerings, alongside Yunnan favorites.

Just a note: Go on a sunny day and if you don't like extremely spicy food, tell the amazing bilingual staff!


This place gets three stars just for still existing. But I'll give it 4 because the staff don't bat an eye at silly foreigners bringing in their own beer or food.


Not a bad little spot if you happen to find yourself in Jinning. Convenient and right in the middle of town.