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For the forecast, the number in a smaller font at the top indicates the forecasted highest temperature for the day. The number in the largest font is the current temperature and the number on the bottom is the forecasted low for the day.

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I think for me it would be a choice between a more urban place (Lijiang), with tons of Western and Chinese options for everything, and a place that is a bit more rural (Shangri-la) with fewer choices overall in terms of nightlife, food and drink, but also a more relaxed and less crowded day-to-day atmosphere.

Both have their upsides, and the outdoor options in both areas are fantastic.

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So the Chinese government blacked out your internet while North Korea launched another missile?

My connection here in KM was perfectly fine. you must be quite important. Me? Much less so.


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@ tommann

A few thoughts: The article says quite clearly that they confessed, making notions of 'innocent until proven guilty' a bit superfluous. Also, people writing in the forums on GoKunming don't usually issue final verdicts in Chinese courts.

@ johnny9: what particular 'punk' criteria are you judging them by? i always thought of punk as DIY, in your face intensity, which they seem to have covered. as to where they are from - the beijing scene - would you rather they play to bars with five people who leave after 10 minutes in wuhan? does that make a band legitimately punk? and really, what is punk? i believe the talking heads and patti smith opened for the ramones at cbgb in new york. you admit subs sound good, can play and have passion - jesus christ, what else do you want in a live band? not punk enough? not dirty enough? unknown by the european and american naval-gazing scenes? i'm sure they could care less.



Beer is excellent, especially the pilsner and the IPA. The food is good as well and quite varied. Staff is attentive and having live music is a nice touch.


Smaller than I thought. Really small! Pizza and burgers were good, music selection was excellent, as was the beer selection. Four stars instead of five because we were literally the only people there.


The best place to see a huge variety of live music in Kunming without paying ridiculous prices? I'd say yes hands down. Good drinks and service too.


The team of nurses and general practitioners at the foreign clinic are helpful and considerate. Very professional while you are there face to face.

Three stars because of the follow-up once you've left the hospital. Maybe they're too busy. Wouldn't be surprising. But if you share your contact information and say "get in touch with questions or concerns any time", it's best to actually answer within 48 hours.


Walked in to watch (only watch!) one of the free Friday sparring sessions. Coaches came across as very professional and some of the boxers were from the national team, jsut stopping by to help out the amateurs. Cool vibe and an extremely clean and well put together facility.