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Forums > Food & Drink > Asahi beer and countertop ovens!

The last time I was at Mu Yu they sold Asahi in big bottles. Maybe you can check with them about a distributor:

As for ovens, I've had a Changdi oven for three years and it works very well. 350-375F is no problem but 400-450 is sometimes a stretch, especially in winter. To keep the temperature up i often cover the glass door with aluminum foil, which tends to do the trick.

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Signing up for the Sinocism newsletter will help you keep up with major news from across China. It's sent out each day usually before noon and is packed with bilingual news, a bit of analysis and some background information. And it's free.

Forums > Living in Kunming > transferring money from China to international account

I normally send it Western Union. This is a bit of a pain because you have to change your RMB to whichever denomination you need. You can send it to family or friends who then deposit it in your account. The fees are quite cheap, $10 US for under $1000 and $20 US for above that amount. Not the most streamlined process, but it works.


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Grumpy much? I do like DJs and especially people who do hip-hop and funk. Turntables and the associated equipment are simply new instruments and DJs compose in a different way. In my opinion, your talent comment is far off the mark. When you are talking about Djs and hip-hop, its hard to argue with one of the most globally influential cultural innovations of the past 40 years. It's not for everyone, but then again, nothing is.

@changkt: I very much agree with you. My sister hiked the AT in its entirety several years ago and now goes back for volunteer maintenance all the time. Having a trail system in Yunnan with that amount of dedication would be amazing. I hope it happens. Brice, 加油!

Don't know if Red Point is still going, but last year Kunming added a "6" to the beginning of all land line numbers. Try calling 63372350.



Beer is excellent, especially the pilsner and the IPA. The food is good as well and quite varied. Staff is attentive and having live music is a nice touch.


Smaller than I thought. Really small! Pizza and burgers were good, music selection was excellent, as was the beer selection. Four stars instead of five because we were literally the only people there.


The best place to see a huge variety of live music in Kunming without paying ridiculous prices? I'd say yes hands down. Good drinks and service too.


The team of nurses and general practitioners at the foreign clinic are helpful and considerate. Very professional while you are there face to face.

Three stars because of the follow-up once you've left the hospital. Maybe they're too busy. Wouldn't be surprising. But if you share your contact information and say "get in touch with questions or concerns any time", it's best to actually answer within 48 hours.


Walked in to watch (only watch!) one of the free Friday sparring sessions. Coaches came across as very professional and some of the boxers were from the national team, jsut stopping by to help out the amateurs. Cool vibe and an extremely clean and well put together facility.