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Foreign DJ price

tintin (7 posts) • 0

Anybody can give me some clue about the price of foreign DJ(white people) working from 22:20-1:00 in a Chinese dancing house for a long term base? Thank you. Oh if anybody intersted, you could also respond to this ad with your price.

CromsonCromson (145 posts) • 0

What kind of "dancing house" is it? Any rules which kind of music the DJ have to play? Why not a resident (chinese) DJ? 22:20 - 1:00?

400 - 600 RMB...

Yuanyangren (297 posts) • 0

A resident DJ is OK, but China needs to open up more. I think it is for the benefit of everyone that there are more foreigners around (there are so few foreigners in Kunming I feel like I'm Marco Polo walking the streets there). So I say...go for the foreigner DJ, which is what the OP has asked for.

nnoble (889 posts) • 0

Foreigner - OK. But only white, right?
Is this for a bar? 'Colour bar'..............

CromsonCromson (145 posts) • 0

"no colour bar"? sounds like a long time ago in the united states... i guess just chinese people are there, so the caucasian (other colour than chinese people) have VIP-status, right? omg...

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

Are you looking for a real DJ? 'Coz Kunming also has a couple of the Run-A-Playlist-From-A-Portable-Harddrive-And-Call-Yourself-A-DJ type. I assume they are cheaper than the real thing.

CromsonCromson (145 posts) • 0

no mixing, with pauses between the songs? but its a step forward to become a DJ if they actually have a playlist! ;)

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