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I had no idea milk has to be denatured before making yoghurt... Another plus for imported milk powder from a major supermarket is that it's probably genuine & risk of contamination is negligible. New Chinese parents certainly remember the melamine in babymilk disaster; I've been asked where to get imported milk powder a couple of times.

Forums > Food & Drink > Yogurt

The big supermarkets (Walmart, Carrefour)

also stock imported powdered milk. It was about RMB70/kg last year. You can make around 10L yoghurt from a kilo. I had a machine that came with starter culture,

but discovered that ready made yoghurt from the supermarket worked fine as a starter, if I'd finished off the last batch.

With the yoghurt makers so cheap on Taobao, there's really no need to put up with the supermarket stuff. It's probably worth looking for a machine with a stainless steel liner (不锈钢内胆) - they're really easy to keep clean if you don't scratch them.

Forums > Study > Mei's Mandarin - any reviews?

This is their working website:

I'm considering attending small group classes there, but just noticed the last review attached to their GKM listing is from someone who claimed they botched his visa:[...]

However, that was quite a long time ago. So I was wondering: does anyone have

more recent experience of this school (both in terms of study & their ability to handle visas...)?


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Does anyone have a good idea of the fares? I googled but got a variety different answers. Eg for a return:
INR18,500, inc taxes (=USD470)
INR12,000, ex taxes (=USD300.)
Could taxes really add up to USD170?
And CNY 1,180 (=USD160) "after discount", excluding taxes I guess.

And how can you get a visa for India in Kunming. There's no consulate here - are there visa agents?

I've visited the Yutao Centre & they have good facilities. But Shanti Yoga is worth checking out. ( - unfortunately Chinese only)

I suspect the facilities aren't quite as good (eg no showers in male changing rooms) & it's quite new, so the teachers probably aren't as experienced as at Yutao. The teachers I've had have been good though & it's up to 60% cheaper.

Tel: 0871 3133088 / 13888 510040
Add: HuErDun Dasha, 19F
south west corner of QingNian Lu (青年 ) & BaoShan Jie (宝善 )


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