Mei's Mandarin school is the Chinese language branch of Robert's School of Languages, a Sino-Foreign joint educational venture founded in Kunming in 2001.

Mei's Mandarin School is licensed by the Chinese government and can offer student visas and a range of options for studying Chinese in Kunming – including short, medium and long-term mandarin programs and HSK training.

The classroom environment at Mei's is relaxed, interactive and fun. The teachers focus on modern teaching techniques instead of the dry, dull lecture-style Chinese classes being offered in some other schools.

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  • NameKunming Mei's Mandarin School
  • Address3/F, 32 Longxiang Jie, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65384000
  • FAX(0871) 65324123
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Kunming Mei's Mandarin School • 3/F, 32 Longxiang Jie

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From the experience I had, the school is a mess. I applied for that school with the promise that they would have everything ready for me to apply for a new residence permit when I arrived there from Beijing, and told me I would not have to get there earlier than in the middle of January for them to be able to apply and get a new one before the 31st of January when my Visa ran out. The day before I left for Kunming they tell me they won't be able to do so and that I should apply for a month visa in Beijing, which was too late of course. When I get there the next day they inform me the visa application will take almost a month, and they haven't prepared any of the documents in advance except one document for a month visa. There were also quarreling inside the office where it seems like two of the teachers helping me couldn't agree on how to handle the visa. Later the one teacher I was in contact with denied that he ever promised me a visa.

So for me this is a school who do not how to handle visa which cost me several hundred dollars in traveling expenses.


I'm very happy with the school. They really do have small classes - 4 to 5 is typical. The head of the Chinese department Liu Laoshi (Larry) is an excellent teacher and it's usually possible to get free conversation classes with trainee teachers in the afternoon. Fees are the same or lower than other schools as far as I can tell. Location is very handy for Wenlin Jie and the university district. All in all a good option.


I'm an English teacher at the affiliated Robert's School, so this is not a totally unbiased review. However, I do attend Chinese classes at Mei's Mandarin each week as a student and I think there are three main advantages to Mei's:

First, it is still quite small (though growing). Everyone at the school is genuinely keen to attract and keep students. That means students get a lot of individual attention and help. Visas get processed fast, class sizes are usually 5 or less and the school is quick to help students with any day to day problems - medical, accomodation, travel etc.

Secondly it's a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Classes are always fun and that helps learning a lot.

Thirdly, the location is very convenient. Close to restaurants and a lot of foreigner accomodation. Two minutes walk from WenLinJie, ten minutes from Green Lake.

I'd say it's definitely worth consideration if you are checking out language schools in Kunming.