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From the experience I had, the school is a mess. I applied for that school with the promise that they would have everything ready for me to apply for a new residence permit when I arrived there from Beijing, and told me I would not have to get there earlier than in the middle of January for them to be able to apply and get a new one before the 31st of January when my Visa ran out. The day before I left for Kunming they tell me they won't be able to do so and that I should apply for a month visa in Beijing, which was too late of course. When I get there the next day they inform me the visa application will take almost a month, and they haven't prepared any of the documents in advance except one document for a month visa. There were also quarreling inside the office where it seems like two of the teachers helping me couldn't agree on how to handle the visa. Later the one teacher I was in contact with denied that he ever promised me a visa.

So for me this is a school who do not how to handle visa which cost me several hundred dollars in traveling expenses.