Searching for birth control(Marvelon)

Kasia (1 post) • 0

Hey guys, so I’m specifically looking for Marvelon. I’ve heard you can get it here but I’ve been to 7 pharmacies with no luck. Does anyone have a location of a pharmacy that sells this specific one? Also, would you have an approximate price?


l4dybug (41 posts) • 0

Perhaps 48hr emergency for Kasia.

To avoid annoyance of solicitation and embarrassment, a 24 hour vending machine equipped with birth controls pills placed right outside 一心堂 pharmacy. Can't remember if machine carries this specific product. Exactly location can be found on this map:


健之佳 is the cheaper among the bunch and would usually carry Mafulong as it's a popular product.

Check out pharmacies nearest you with this map listing:


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