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Mei's Mandarin - any reviews?

onebir (44 posts) • 0

This is their working website:

I'm considering attending small group classes there, but just noticed the last review attached to their GKM listing is from someone who claimed they botched his visa:

However, that was quite a long time ago. So I was wondering: does anyone have

more recent experience of this school (both in terms of study & their ability to handle visas...)?

greenrizla (15 posts) • 0

I was there for 3 years and while it's not perfect I'd

happily recommend it!

Overall I had a very good experience in Larry's class. I do think they should pay attention to writing more tho. We did almost zero.

The visa was always sorted smoothly except for a minor hiccup one time.

So yeah a big thumbs up from me (and a happy hello to Larry)!

redjon777 (563 posts) • 0

I to enjoyed Larry’s classes when I first came to China, although I only did 4/5 months it was a positive experience and I liked the teacher.

No visa problems either.

Ocean (1164 posts) • 0

I studied with them a long time ago, but it was a good experience. Friendly

and honest team there.

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