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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Mouding Mushroom Festival

I was on the Kunming Dali Express Bus last week and I saw that the Muoding Mushroom Festival was advertising heavily. I think that the signs said the 26th of July as the opening day, but I was hoping that somebody here could confirm that?
Also, has anybody stayed in the mushroom houses that are visible from the road?
I know that Shiping festival starts on the 6th of August but I Muoding is much more convenient for me.

Forums > Living in Kunming > A good cheap printer for PDF files in Kunming

I am looking for a good printer that can print and bind large PDF files from USB. I have heard about printers near the university that can do double sided A4 for just 1 mao per page. Has anybody tried this and if so, can you recommend a specific print shop?
Thanks in advance


Forums > Travel Yunnan > Exploring the Opium Trails in Guangxi

I am planning to explore some of the old opium trail routes around Baise next month and wondered if anybody else would be interested to come a do a bit of hiking. I have a little experience travelling in this area, and can tell you that the scenery humbles anything that you will find in Guilin or Yangshuo but is almost untouched by tourists. If you would like to join me, please let me know.



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No detailed information, even on where to stay or where to eat. How did this get past the editor? Looks more like a student's essay on their vacation rather than a published article. Pretty worthless for anybody that wants accurate and useful info on visiting, unless you want to see the garbage trucks of course.


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