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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Innhouse, Kunming

Keep reading about this place, but have not yet seen any real reviews.
Has anybody stayed here?
Where is it exactly?
How much is it going to cost for all that eco goodness.....

Forums > Living in Kunming > Cosplay Convention in August

I am told that this years convention is being held on the 4th to the 12th of August, but does anybody know the location.
Also, how about the location of the Astsidjmoy Maid Restaurant?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Tourist Police in Kunming

I do not live in Kunming,so getting to Xishan Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration is a bit difficult for me.
I was hoping that somebody here might know some of the officers there, in the same way that the rest of us cultivate relationships with the guys at our local immigration bureaus.
Even better, if there are any foreign volunteer tourist police, i thought that they might be hanging out on these forums.


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No detailed information, even on where to stay or where to eat. How did this get past the editor? Looks more like a student's essay on their vacation rather than a published article. Pretty worthless for anybody that wants accurate and useful info on visiting, unless you want to see the garbage trucks of course.


No reviews yet