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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Free trip to Chongqing and 3 Gorges Cruise

You guys have been in China too long!!

Not everything here is a scam.

This is a familiarization tour that is being run by a friend at Ctrip and it takes place at the beginning of next month. I have some friends going and was hoping to go myself, but my boss has other ideas.
PM me if you want full details.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Bachelor party (any advise?)

Tiger's suggestion is not bad. Alternatively, when I organised my friend's stag do in GZ, we found a bunch of Thai girls who came along as strippers.

Maybe you could find some Russian dancers?

Forums > Living in Kunming > The Fifty Best Buys in Kunming

@Call of Duty
Can you not come up with anything original yourself?
Only criticize the contributions of others....?

Impress us all and see if you can come up with more than Geogramatt....


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No detailed information, even on where to stay or where to eat. How did this get past the editor? Looks more like a student's essay on their vacation rather than a published article. Pretty worthless for anybody that wants accurate and useful info on visiting, unless you want to see the garbage trucks of course.


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