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I am a local "Yunannese". I recommend the yunnan cuisine or "dian cai" which is various in types due to different combination of styles of Han' s food and ethinic minorities'.

Sadly, as a CHinese, I have never had the REAL Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangsu and Fujian styles, maybe because I have limited travel experience in East China. Anyway, wish you find all eight main styles! Later, you can share them with us. I also would like to give some tips of Yunnan style if u prefer.


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To Add:

This project is built in Anning 安宁, and it is one of projects belonging to CNPC and is one of "National Strategic Project".

So it is kind of "mission impossible" to stop it.

Kunming government is planning to build a large oil refinery on the outskirts of Kunming (much possibly already start construction). It is estimated to bring nearly 100 billion RMB GDP to Yunnan, according to the report. But it definitely will be a threat to the environment.

However, such a big event is strange to the general public because of the government's control of speech and news report, especially at the preliminary stage of the project. Three months ago, Government reported relevant news but not publicized on a large scale.

Until recently, some people reposted messages about relevant news and critics on Weibo that more and more (includes me)start to know, anger and question...
But, comparatively, most of Kunming locals lack of understanding about the impact of this project, and many of them have nothing effective to stop this.
Many people still hope to replicate the miracle like what happened in Xiamen in 2007. Maybe we can do something.

Transportation may close the economic gap between urban and rural areas,but it would indeed disrupt many tranquil, attractive places with natural beauty. In China, neither developers nor officials really realise this.
Hope they would value the resource of travel under such circumstance!


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