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Forums > Living in Kunming > Covid vaccine mandatory for all adults?

@lemon lover, rudeness and hostility is the resort of miserable people who have clearly lost the argument.

Requiring a vaccination is not only draconian and a violation of various human rights decrees such as the Nuremburg Code, there is no proof it even protects.

In fact, all of the Covid vaccine manufacturers simply state that the shot reduces symptoms. Many of them are already talking about booster shots in 6-9 months from now.

@Dandare, every government has politicized the pandemic. It now looks like it was all about the vaccine from the beginning. If governments were reasonable then they would have protected only those vulnerable from the effects of the virus (such as the elderly) and not imposed mandatory mask rules, which are in many countries still in effect at least in some settings, with no clear end in sight (except in Europe, where mask mandates are set to be completely lifted by September or October). In the USA, most mask mandates have already been lifted, with the remaining ones likely to follow suit before the end of the year. In some countries, masks have been mandatory for well over a year now. This is starting to get out of hand.

There was never anything remotely on this scale imposed on the world during SARS, Swine Flu or even Ebola. Clearly something else is going on this time.

My personal opinion is I don't think they'll go as far as mandating the shots anywhere on Earth...however, there is a possibility that for some time, as long as the "pandemic" is in swing, a vaccine requirement to enter some countries or like has been mentioned, to seek a work permit in China could persist, but I don't think it will last more than about 1 more year. I don't it see it as being an ongoing requirement once the world gets back to pre-March 2020 travel.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Covid vaccine mandatory for all adults?

Does anyone think China will eventually mandate Covid-19 shots for foreigners renewing their work visas inside the country, or potentially, across the board for all visa extensions?

I sure hope not, but I see it as being possible.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Covid vaccine mandatory for all adults?

@Zoologist, since when is there any logic in such rules? I do admit China is just a little bit more logical than some surrounding nations are.

The Buri Ram, Thailand governor has threatened residents of his province with fines and or jail time, for refusing to sign up for vaccination by the end of last month. This despite a vaccine shortage. Yet the authoritarian governor decided to threaten the people anyway. Nothing has been heard about this since, suggesting it was an empty threat and won't be enforced.

In Phuket, tourism businesses have been threatened with longer closures if their employees don't get vaccinated in time for the July 1 reopening. This despite the goal being 70% inoculation, not 100%.

More recently, there has been more carrot than stick, with reports of prizes being offered, as well as free treats for those choosing to get vaccinated.

@AlPage48, so if someone outside of China does not wish to get vaccinated (or can't), they can't travel back to China even if they live there? That's a bit draconian. I thought that was what quarantine is for?

Even Thailand does not require vaccination. They are merely offering a quarantine waiver for those vaccinated starting next month in Phuket. Unvaccinated individuals will till be allowed to enter the country, just that for the time being, quarantine will remain mandatory for them.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Covid vaccine mandatory for all adults?

The Bangkok Post reported that the shot is mandatory for Chinese government officials and communist party officials. NOT mandatory for foreigners (yet) though in another thread someone seemed to imply it's mandatory for foreigners seeking new work permits.

My Chinese friend in Shangri-la told me with a high degree of confidence that it's mandatory for everyone, but like I said, this is NOT the case. The Global Times and other media have confirmed that despite some employers and prefectures trying to mandate it, the national government has overruled this. Therefore, the shot is voluntary for the vast majority of the population.

I hope it remains this way...even though technically, China could invoke the Dec 1, 2019 promulgated mandatory vaccination law.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Covid vaccine mandatory for all adults?

I've since done some research and while some employers and even prefectures have tried to mandate the shot, the central government has told them not to do so at this time. Therefore, the shot remains voluntary. It appears the shot may be mandatory for Communist party officials and government workers, but not the general public.


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It's clear who the brainwashed one is in this story - the western traveler (Thor). The locals know that Ebola wasn't what it was purported to be, hence why there was no need to take any special precautions.

Kunming seems to experience more disruptive and severe flooding than low lying cities such as Bangkok and Jakarta. Could be of course that these cities tend to have very predictable rainfall patterns and while their drainage systems are often clogged with garbage, flooding tends to be short-lived and confined to local areas rather than city wide. Upcountry towns located near rivers are the ones sometimes impacted by more widespread and severe flooding, again almost always during the rainy season. Of course there are also various parts of China, particularly in the central part of the country where flooding is a regular occurrence.

Good article but a few inaccuracies. This border crossing opened as an international border to foreigners in possession of Myanmar visas on August 28, 2013, not only 2016. Since then it has been possible to visit this area then proceed to other parts of Myanmar by air (or vice versa). The on-arrival permit system for foreigners without visas is still in place, reportedly the requirement to have a guide (for 1000 Baht a day and payment must be in Baht) is still in existence if you don't have a Myanmar visa, but with the e-visa system now it would seem rather odd not to go for a Myanmar visa even if you're only going to Kengtung and coming back the same way - you'll even save money by not needing a guide. You can always hire a guide for trekking around Kengtung. Of course, a guide may also come in handy if you intend on traveling by car with driver, however, it is not possible to travel west of Kengtung towards Taunggyi by road, except with a permit, though I hear none have been issued since around Dec 2016.

Many thousands of Thais cross the border between Mae Sai and Tachilek daily, so the author is greatly misleading readers when he claims only 5000 crossed last year. If he meant 5000 non-Thai foreigners, he may have been right but there are surely as many (if not more) Thai daytrippers crossing this border as has been the case for years, as Chinese who cross to Mengla or Muse from their respective border towns on the Chinese side. This is partially the case due to Mae Sai being an official border crossing for many years (by comparison, Mengla is not an official crossing even for Chinese) and there is a large market on the Burmese side that Thais like to visit.


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