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E'mei shan is indeed beautiful, but the macaques are more than mischievous. We, a group of 3, were walking up E'mei Shan when we were approached by a group of monkeys, away from those in the controlled monkey area. I was badly bitten on both legs, with deep gashes on my calves, and pulled to the ground by the monkeys. Some of the monkeys were about as heavy as me. At one stage there were 6 monkeys on me, or threatening me. The monkeys left after ripping open my bag and taking some things from it. After the attack we made our way to the first aid post near the monkey area. The doctor working there treated my bites, gave me a rabies injection and antibiotics. He said that people are bitten on the mountain every day. We had been careful to follow all the instructions given about the monkeys. These monkeys need to be approached with a great deal of caution.


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