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Forums > Living in Kunming > coming to Kunming next week, need locating a bike motor shop

lemon lover is not correct. Motor bikes can be registered legally in Kunming, if your residence is outside 2nd ring road.

Also new bikes, if the bike has CCC, fulfills China Emmision Standards (C3) and all duties/taxes are paid there is no limitation...Harley, BMW, Ducati, Honda and all local stuff like Benelli, Jialing, CF, Shineray, Galaxy...

CaiYuanBei Lu is the place to check, just west of the new subway station. Lots of dealers, different local brands. imported brands not Kunming yet...Shanghai 6 beijing are ports of call

Good resource with maps and coordinates on "where to" in Kunming is


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You missed ZhongShan Lu!

The best food street I have seen in China. During the day its a normal small road, after 6pm the road is blocked and you get everything...
From Local HotPot's to Crocodile Steaks - or just a cold beer and watch the mass pass by. Excellent food and entertainment!


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