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Forums > Living in Kunming > Website software that supports Chinese Hanzi???

Have you (both) thought of deploying a content management system (CMS)? Many offer good support for different languages, some even very good support for multi-lingual environments.
Drop me a line via the message function and I can help you further...

Forums > Living in Kunming > Slow Lorises

@Colin: kudos to the loris, I wouldn't think of battleling with your dog
@Mike: If you don't mind me asking, where do you live in Kunming (in a more city like or more rural area)?
Do people here really keep lorises as pets?
And also Kodos to you for sending them back into nature, let's hope they will enjoy...

Forums > Living in Kunming > My mac needs reviving...

Hi, Macs are not my specialty, but as everybody knows, they do not have any flaws or need any repairing on the software-side ever... (sorry, couldn't resist too)
I don't know any English friendly repair shops here in Kunming, sorry. There are some shops already mentioned here on GoKunming, you can search for the threads.

Then, I know that Macs sometimes act up because of the virtual printers printing-cue. Another reason are problems with your file access permissions, try repairing those first. You could also try a hard-reset, there's a short-cut combo for this one (and it's not just taking out the battery and rebooting, this one does more).

If you give us more specific information on how you G4 is acting up, we maybe can give you more specific answers.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Did you ever see me?

@Jimmo, yes and no. If someone will cross my way with a "I am Gaoxing" t-shirt, I will probably die on the spot in a traffic accident. So, it's more like "I like big apple"...

Forums > Living in Kunming > Night watch

This does not sound right.
First, you shouldn't be asked to pay 3rmb per entrance/per night. The guards get paid by the Building-Management (WuGuan). Then, as you still say they're friendly (even though you have to bribe them when you come late), I do not supposed you want to get them fired right away, which makes complaining at the management office quite a bit harder.

My advice would be to go to the management office and ask friendly if it is their policy to write down ID-card numbers of visitors and inform the police (which I don't think so) and then complain (maybe not complain but more or less inform them) about the one guard which has problems letting in people by night. Hopefully this will lead to an inspection of the guards policies and the bribing might stop.

Otherwise you could also ask your neighbors if they have to pay too, or, let it slip that you're really annoyed by paying 3rmb when you come home late. Hopefully they will have a chat with the guards and this might solve the situation.

Keep us updated.


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Godspeed John and Cas. I hope you can make Thailand as much of a home as you did with Kunming. That special signed booklet from in front of Diego's place was one of the few things I kept from China. Cheers from another mountainous city across the globe.

Yeah, it's not only the carbon footprint.
Let's ask Alex directly: Look around where you are right now... Can you see an outdoor jacket? Maybe a backpack? Or how about a PET bottle? Maybe you just had a sip of coke, iced tea, green tea, Fanta, water? Do you see any of these items?
I'd say yes. Am I right? If so, I urge you to throw these out immediately as they are made out of PX. Yeah, that's right. When you manufacturer polyester you start with PX. Then you add oxygen to it after that you combined it with an alcohol and voilá, you have plastic.

So, I believe maybe you should rethink your position about PX or throw out everything made out, or containing polyester. Should I sum up some items which you cannot use anymore?

Or is it just the NIMBY problem? Google it and you know what I mean.

I have nothing more to add, otherwise I would take over this thread on how refineries work, how PX is used, how it seems that only China views it as a carcinogen (someone remember the Fukushima-Salt-crisis?) and which substances carry carcinogenic properties.
Ian, take my advice... brew yourself a nice cup of tea (but not a carcinogenic one, all right!?), do some research on those topics, sit back, relax and observe. You might be able to learn more about human nature than you think. Always keep in mind that knowledge is power and will help you in your future life.

Well Ian, I do not agree that much with your second to post. I personally do not blame anybody for protesting, nor would I use the concept of shame.
It's just what you said in the first post: Does everybody really what they are protesting against?


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