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Forums > Living in Kunming > Bank and banking system recommendations

CMB bank app doesn't have English version.

Neither does the largest bank in the world based on assets in ICBC.

Fortunately the second largest CCB has. Options to change located left top tab > 设置 > 语言

Stay away from BOC's financial packages (理财产品). Customers lost money during pandemic, unlike ICBC or CCB.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Health QR code not working?

Because majority Chinese travellers are restricted from vacationing abroad, cabin fever pent up domestic travelling have been on the rise. All of Mainland, not just within Yunnan.

Chinese citizens are also required to use this new movement tracker at various entry points of tourist destinations outside Kunming. I've witnessed this first hand, just not at Kunming Changshui Airport's domestic departure for Chinese citizens

For foreigners with language barrier, airline check-in attendants may guide you through the mini program registration process after WeChat circular barcode is scanned. They'd actually take your phone to make sure both greens for health code and movement tracker are not screenshots.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Health QR code not working?

For foreigners flying out of Kunming Airport, apart from the usual scanning of health code (still active btw), another updated version which tracks your movement needs to be scanned and presented to flight check-in attendant for verification.

It is called "动态行程卡" and proves you haven't left Yunnan for example (or country) within last 14 days. If the case the app interface will be displayed as green like the health code.

A bar code will be presented to be scanned.

Or search for it on WeChat as "通信大数据行程卡." SMS verification needed to login.

Not sure if applicable for travellers outside Yunnan across Mainland. Hunch is yes.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Is somebody important coming to Kunming?

A new city-wide campaign to eradicate cigarette butts in the works. Anyone who picks up 400 butts can trade in a carton of bathroom tissue rolls. 300 butts for an umbrella. Expect old Kunminger volunteers to participate in the cleanup. They love free stuff.


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In a bid to reinvigorate economic activities in Kunming, over 300 designated streets around town will allow small business vendors to set up stalls (摆摊) on the sidewalk for off book revenue opportunities. Night market scene of yore may once again blossom back. Chengguan (城管) will have a field day overseeing and prohibiting undesignated spots.

Bump for this fine interview by Chris. Oldie but a goodie. Rest assured Brian and Jeanee, The Linden Centre is still standing magnificently. The patio view of the moutainscape is sublime. Less crowded than last year where waiting list was required. Now is a opportune time to visit. Unfortunately, Xizhou's park further down the road has been closed since last September due to road construction and has yet to reopen despite three wheelers and horse drawn carriages hawking tourists.

The dining area's homage to Flying Tigers is a reminder US-Sino relations were once intimately closer. USA and China need to rekindle that bygone spirit if ever is the time.


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