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Health QR code not working?

AlPage48 (1220 posts) • 0

That QR code we're supposed to use to show we're virus free has stopped working.

In the past I got a green screen for a while, then afterwards got back to the entry screen asking me to do it all again.
That entry screen now freezes at the age field and sill not accept further input.

Is anyone being asked to show the green screen anymore?

At the PSB yesterday and even last month they did not ask for it even though they still have the sign up.

michael2015 (688 posts) • 0

Without trying to be a hazardous pr*ck, I usually just futz around with the phone scanner - which brings up the "enter your info" in chinese, then stroll inside (with my mask on) to take care of whatever business needs to be done. The security guards generally leave me alone once I've scanned the app.

AlPage48 (1220 posts) • 0

Thanks Michael.

My wife (she's Chinese) and I both failed yesterday on the app, then I tried it on my iPad which is somehow linked to my phone number and it worked.

Now when I scan the QR code on my phone it brings up the most recent green screen, which I immediately screen print and save.

I noticed the questions at the bottom have changed and there are fewer of them.

michael2015 (688 posts) • +1

Usually when I can't get an app to work - I put the phone or iPad into flight mode for a few deep breaths, then try it again - it's probably superstitious and works intermittently.

I also shutdown WIFI and go to 4G when I need speedy service outside.

AlPage48 (1220 posts) • 0

Realistically I don't see the worth of this particular app.
The design is such that the "English" option gives questions that can't be answered at all.

The Chinese version can easily be answered (with the help of a translator) in such a way that it always yield the green screen.

hongxiongmao (47 posts) • +1

It yields the code not only based on your answers but on your digital footprint of the near past. That you always see green codes around you is positive in actuality (this thing is as accurate as it can get if everyone ALWAYS scanned every location in and out).

JanJal (1068 posts) • 0

It's working for me at the moment.

The English version is indeed built assuming that only tourists and temp visitors come to China without being able to communicate in Chinese. That said, I don't know if the questions can be answered even then - on a quick try once I failed to get it accept my input, even if I lied on things like my arrival and departure dates.

One time when I had time to spare and was at local subway station with my son, I took the time to complain about this to the staff at station. They eventually let us enter without scanning.

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