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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Please don’t encourage bigotry

Then seeker should plainly write seeking Muslim.

Common netiquette to say: seeking rich, tall, handsome straight man or woman.

Tactless to say: no poor fatties, no shorties, no uglies, no gays. That just doesn't come out right. :)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Health QR code not working?

Updated movement tracker Wechat mini program for domestic air passengers:

Search for 国务院客户端 (guo wu yuan ke hu duan)

Second row to the right click on 防疫行程卡 (fang yi xingcheng ka)

Next screen, SMS verification required.

Hopefully followed by large circle encased green arrow pointing up, showing your phone number and date above (to be renewed after 14 days).

Make screenshot. This will be presented upon arrival at other airports in China.

Yunnan health code from Wechat mini program still required, though different mini program health codes tailored for other Provinces may be needed as well. Best activate them in advance prior to leaving Kunming for convenience sake.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Arts and Literature Weekend Festival

Starting today at 10am. Lasting entire weekend. Events will extend into mid-November.

Featuring live dance and indigenous folk art music performances of symphony, opera, and drama. Cultural and folk arts exhibitions of handicraft making courses. Exhanges/lecture presentation/training courses in poetry, calligraphy, paper cutting, and folk arts. Jumbotron screen showcasing archive video and black & white photos of old Kunming for historical buffs, as well as cinematic drone footages of Kunming.

Location: Kunming Old Street at Yongdao Street just north of Jingxing Street. Yongdao Huajie (甬道花街 is the new flower market street across from Hero's monument war memorial)

Venue title:
美在春城 (Beauty of Spring City)

Full schedule can be viewed here:

Forums > Living in Kunming > New Health check form at bus/metro

To follow-up on Lijiang's beaten tracks where checkpoints may be of concern for foreigners, particularly as national day looms:

For main entrances to Old Town Lijiang, facial recognition implementation on the spot at turnstile. Your face will be photographed and facial biometrics unloaded to database in real-time for automated passage. For foreigners, passport info will also be recorded on paper.

Similar ordeal at Lijiang Railway Station. Face biometrics will be recorded and passport info written down.

Lijiang Black Dragon Pond Park requires presentation of ID. Screenshot image of ID/passport on phone would suffice.

Usual green health codes presented pro forma in above cases.

For Suhe ancient town further north, just show health code at main entrance, and make mandatory zero-fee Meituan purchase. QR code receipt to be scanned at turnstile. Laxed or no checks enforced at side entrances of Suhe 古镇 for frequenters.

No checkpoints whatsoever to smaller Baisha 古镇 closer to Jade Mt.

Less strict for Dali, but some smaller hotel/inns have been ordered by local police to not take foreigners due to the Ruili scare. Touch base to verify with hotels in advance. Bigger and more established hotels in Dali like Hilton, Dali International, Indigo, Argyle, etc. are fine.

Forums > Living in Kunming > New MRT Line 4 Opening

43 km long orange Line 4 with 29 stations is slated to commence operation this month. It will run diagonally across Kunming, Northwest to Southeast vice versa, intersecting preexisting lines as interchange stations.

A visual KRT map may be helpful. Here are the stations:

Jinchuan Road Station
Dahegen Station
Haitun Road Station
Xiaotun Station
Jindingshan North Road Station
Sujiatang Station
Xiaocaiyuan Station
North Railway Station
Bailong Road Station
Dashuying Station
Juhuacun Station
Juhua Station
Hedianying Station
Niujiezhuang Station
Zhujiacun Station
Yangfutou Station
Yuyuan Road Station
Guangwei Station
Tami Station
Dounan Station
Jingui Street Station
Meizicun Station
Gucheng Station
Keke Village Station
Xiangfeng Street Station
Niutoushan Station
Liandajie Station
Wujiaying Station
Kunming South Railway Station


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In a bid to reinvigorate economic activities in Kunming, over 300 designated streets around town will allow small business vendors to set up stalls (摆摊) on the sidewalk for off book revenue opportunities. Night market scene of yore may once again blossom back. Chengguan (城管) will have a field day overseeing and prohibiting undesignated spots.

Bump for this fine interview by Chris. Oldie but a goodie. Rest assured Brian and Jeanee, The Linden Centre is still standing magnificently. The patio view of the moutainscape is sublime. Less crowded than last year where waiting list was required. Now is a opportune time to visit. Unfortunately, Xizhou's park further down the road has been closed since last September due to road construction and has yet to reopen despite three wheelers and horse drawn carriages hawking tourists.

The dining area's homage to Flying Tigers is a reminder US-Sino relations were once intimately closer. USA and China need to rekindle that bygone spirit if ever is the time.


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