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Arts and Literature Weekend Festival

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Starting today at 10am. Lasting entire weekend. Events will extend into mid-November.

Featuring live dance and indigenous folk art music performances of symphony, opera, and drama. Cultural and folk arts exhibitions of handicraft making courses. Exhanges/lecture presentation/training courses in poetry, calligraphy, paper cutting, and folk arts. Jumbotron screen showcasing archive video and black & white photos of old Kunming for historical buffs, as well as cinematic drone footages of Kunming.

Location: Kunming Old Street at Yongdao Street just north of Jingxing Street. Yongdao Huajie (甬道花街 is the new flower market street across from Hero's monument war memorial)

Venue title:
美在春城 (Beauty of Spring City)

Full schedule can be viewed here:


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