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BBinKMG wrote: "I already jumped to the reasonable conclusion that the medical care would likely be substandard based on who the practitioners are."

What utter bigotry! Just exactly the same thing prejudiced people have said about Blacks, Jews and homosexuals.

So because of their personal beliefs, Newton's physics, Linnaeus' classification system, Faraday's dynamo, George Washington Carver's botany, and R. V. Damadian's MRI were all "substandard"?

Grow up.

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We just had a baby at Richland, not having known about this thread before. We have had previous birth experiences with a certified midwife and at the U of Chiang Mai hospital. Richland was the poorest experience and the most expensive, but thankfully mother and baby are healthy. It was not as bad as it sounds like many hospitals are, no stirrups, no forced epidural or episotomy, no problems about husband in room or rooming in with the baby.

However, though we had been told directly by the doctor that an IV would not be required prior to any trauma, the same doctor insisted on an IV at the start even though there was no signs of trouble at any point (the labor was short and without complications). The nurse inserting the IV seemed inexperienced at finding a vein and the needle caused quite a bit of pain throughout the night, but the nurses refused to allow it to be removed, even when the original litre of saline was empty.

We never saw the MD again after the birth, and no checkup of either the mother or baby was offered before checking out. The excessive advice from the nurses was contradictory and a mixture of traditional foolishness (no baths for mother for a month), the worst of old-fashioned medicine (the baby is so hungry, she needs formula and water, not just breast milk), and a unwillingness on the part of some, though not all, to do or find someone to do general house-cleaning chores by the nurses (bed sheets not changed for three days, bath towel only provided after four requests, etc., we cleaned the bathroom ourselves.) Several times we were told, "that's not my job, wait she comes back at 2..." or else we were just told "一会儿" (in a while) and never got a response.

Smoking is not actively controlled in the hospital, so was a general stench of cigarettes on the maternity floor during the daytime outpatient hours and a liquified-gas-burning outdoor heater is set up near the nurses station to warm the nurses with no ventilation. (The nurses confidently told us that the gas-burning heater produced no fumes.) We were charged Y1000 more than the stated cost on the printed brochures in the lobby and offered three different flimsy explanations, yet they could produce an itemized receipt from their computer system to account for the disparity, and so finally left after waiting for an hour without detailed receipt.

However, the hospital staff were generally friendly to us, and to a certain degree we were able to persuade them that we weren't complete idiots and actually knew a bit about caring for a newborn (we brought the other kids for proof).

There were a few folks that did seem to be trying hard to help us within what appeared to be a very poorly managed system, and they were very prompt about producing a birth certificate.

It is far inferior to the several Thai hospitals we have used in Chiang Mai and Bangkok and more expensive, and as far as we could tell none of the doctors or nurses on call at night speak English functionally (fortunately we speak Chinese), and none of the "essential information" provided the patient is in English, except for the Yunnan Province vaccination record book, so Richland is not necessarily any more user-friendly for giving birth if one doesn't speak much Chinese than non "international" hospitals in Kunming, though they do try to have an English speaker at the door during outpatient hours.

But to put it back in perspective, none of the frustrations we experienced put us in danger at any point, as far as we could just as non-medical professionals, the medical care was adequate, it was just the patient/customer services aspect that was lacking, and of course cultural differences about how to care for newborns. In spite of it's claim to be "international" if there are any doctors or nurses educated outside of mainland working there to bring a more international perspective, we never met them. Though it looks different from other local hospitals in that they have nicer facilities, equipment, etc. all the doctors and staff we met appear to be trained at the same schools that the the other doctors and nurses in Kunming are, and therefore their approach to medicine seems to be a combination of traditional Chinese, traditional 1950s Western medicine, and some more modern ideas about childbirth. Probably the best thing about Richland compared to other local hospitals is that it has very few inpatients, so it's not very crowded, one doesn't have to queue for the elevator, it's somewhat quiet at night, etc. If you anticipate a smooth delivery and speak Chinese fairly well and can afford it (Y6000 - Y10,000 according to the material in the lobby, though you'll probably be charged more than that), then it could be a good option.


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Is Lijiang's 2.4 m telescope really currently the world's 14th largest optical telescope? I don't think so, there are quite a few now with effective aperture size of greater than 3 m:[...]

But it was the largest in Asia ( until the Thailand matched its size this year with their new telescope on Doi Inthanon above Chiang Mai ([...] (Though Japan built the 8.2 m Subaru telescope in Hawaii back in 1999:

Hopefully the Kunming-Nanning train will not be "fuming" before its arrival. The name of the county it will pass through as it leaves Yunnan is "Funing." (富宁; "Fuling" would also be acceptable as that's what many call it in local Chinese dialect, but not "Fuming," I think.)

Also unless the train actually runs through middle of the Puzhehei tourist area itself, the train will actually go through Qiubei, the county in which the Puzhehei tourist area is located. (Though "Shilin" is a county name, Puzhehei is not, its county is "丘北" sometimes also written "邱北.")

As Geogramatt writes above, this line is well under way, with completion planned for 2014 I believe. Further down the line toward the GX border their drilling out some amazing tunnels.

Fortunately the stretches I've seen place the train tracks high above the local farmers' fields, on concrete pillars, so hopefully it won't disrupt the transportation of those who happen to live in the "fly over space" between the great metropolises who grow the food we eat.

A "leaf master" is a musician who blows over a plant leaf which vibrates, producing music. Many of the ethnic groups of Yunnan have traditional musical arts involving using leaves as musical instruments.

Interesting that several people commented on liking the new background color. It's a fine color, but I find reading white text on a dark background quite hard on my (young) eyes. If the text of features and news at least could be still in dark text on a light background, that would be better. While lots of personal blogs seem to prefer bright text on a black backround, I don't see many mainstream news sites that don't use dark text for article content, I don't know if this is just habit from the days of paper and ink or if there really is something easier about focusing on darker words on a lighter background.

Very sad. We survived childbirth at Richland last year, but were unimpressed with the lack of professionalism, honesty, knowledge and MDs. (The "hospital" appeared to be staffed by minimally trained nurses after hours.) I'm sure Richland will try to buy the family's silence and repaint the lobby and then more unwitting foreigners and middle class Kunmingers will assume from the name "international" and the beautiful lobby that the quality is similar to Bumrumgrad, Suan Dok, Ram, Lanna or Pra Ram IV in Thailand. But the name "international" and nice 装修 a good hospital do not make.


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