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Video: Yunnan minority performers in Texas

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This month the American city of Austin, Texas hosted performers from the Yunnan Performance Arts Troupe, who performed at the Paramount Theater in downtown Austin on January 12.

The troupe features acrobats, opera performers, singers, dancers and musicians - including leaf master He Wenxing, who performed with Texas musician Ray Benson.

Highlights from the performance in Austin are scheduled to be rebroadcast in China. This video is a short promotional clip by the City of Austin's Economic Growth and Redevelopment Services Office.

Image: PR Newswire

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What's a "leaf master"?

A "leaf master" is a musician who blows over a plant leaf which vibrates, producing music. Many of the ethnic groups of Yunnan have traditional musical arts involving using leaves as musical instruments.

Ah, thanks sauterelle. I'd like to see that (I genuinely thought it was a tea brewer of some sort!).

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