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Forums > Living in Kunming > Need shoes in Kunming

When you go west of town to the intersection of RenMin Xilu - Jinhua Pulu (near the Bus Station Number 6)...coming from Renmin Xilu turn right into Jinhua Pu Lu. There are only 2 shoe stores, one of them having a sign outside "seizes from 44-48. They have only a handfull of western style leather shoes for each 280 RMB. I use to buy them there and the quality is worth the money. Just consider that most "western shoes" in China are one number smaller in seize what they actually are in Europe.

Also on Renmini Xilu (accross the entrance of Kunming university) there is a long street with lots of little stores. When walking down that street you see on the left side the entrance of a cloth market. A lot is second hand and sometimes you can be lucky finding new shoes in seizes till 47.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Lazybones false advertising

"Our Pizzas are handtossed and therefore ...margin for error"...dont tell me you dont use a form with exact required seizes making a Pizza. Sure there is always room for errors, but your excuses above sound kind of weak...customers are not stupid.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Lazybones false advertising

""I think that they are comparable in size with any other 12" pizza in town."" - - - so that means that any other 12" pizza in town is actually (maybe) 10.5 in seize?

Well about the the food being cold upon arrival, when ordering you should take into consideration that its not always easy for the deliverer to find its way fast through the chinese housing unit structures.


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Mainly chinese crowd in it. Even there is nothing special I like the atmosphere there and the music, and people.


The food is ok. The atmosphere ok too (except when live music - too loud)...but the Service is just terrible....