Neighborhood bar near Wenlin Jie featuring live music and weekly open mic nights.

Listing info
  • NameHalfway House
  • Address245 Dongfeng Xi Lu (intersection with Kunshi Lu), Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65352702
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Halfway House • 245 Dongfeng Xi Lu (intersection with Kunshi Lu)

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Always gotten a good feeling from this place. My only complaint is that other people like it and there are never any tables, even on off nights.

As for gripes about open mic night, I know that 1895 and The Hump do open mic nights, so folks can always vote w/ their feet.


I like the place. Nice vibe, if a little smoky most of the time. Music tends to be pretty reasonable too. Owner/manager is really helpful and nice. BUT, the open mic night last night really left a bitter taste. The waiguoren organiser allowed my friends and I roughly 10 minutes on stage - 3 short songs. He explained that each person/band gets 3 songs/15 minutes. We explained that we had budgeted for around 15 minutes, and still had a song to go, but he was not to be budged, saying this was a rule that could not be broken. Half an hour later, he proceeded to sit down and play 4 sprawling blues songs that took around 35 minutes. When asked (politely I may add) by my girlfriend about this discrepancy, he offered no apology, instead telling her "its not my problem if you aren't happy", or words to this effect, and "I'm the organiser" i.e. Its my ball, and I'll take it home if you don't let me do what I want. Suffice to say, we shall not be returning to the open mic night. Halfway House is good, this hypocritical, impolite organiser is not.