Western-style restaurant with Western and Chinese dishes, homemade gelato and a bar with happy hour specials

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  • NameAoma Meili Pub
  • Address60 Dongfeng Dong Lu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 63126036
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Aoma Meili Pub • 60 Dongfeng Dong Lu

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Had a meal (ribs) here for the first time yesterday with friends. The food was great, the service was attentive (waitresses spoke some English too) and the atmosphere was very pleasant. If it wasn't for a nearby smoker, it would have been near perfect.


But they sell )

Here it is:
Aoma Black Knight Restaurant
Chuncheng road


Okay... not very impressive.... close to Sakura hotel though...


I am just passing through Kunming, on my way to Shangri-La, and I thought this bar might have some info about the area (since it was named Mei Li). They hav an American bar manager, which was a nice change. He said they will be making more of a bar out of the place. Unfortunately, I will only be here one night. Good food anyway!