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Need shoes in Kunming

BillDan (268 posts) • 0

I wear a man's size 12 1/2 or 12 in US size. About all I can find here is a Chinese size 44 which is too small. One place near Wen Hua Xiang told me the shoes I was trying were Chinese size 45 but they were simply too tight. The place I got my last pair that fir me (44s but soft material so I managed) has not had anything.

I am sure there are Chinese men who wear larger than a 44. Where can I go in KM to get a decent pair of shoes that are at least a real 45?


Bill in KM

Ahmet (98 posts) • 0

I wear US size 13 and the Chinese size is 49. I'm guessing your Chinese size is 47 or 48. You will not find any shoes of that size in Kunming. Even in best (or most luxurious) malls in Beijing and Shanghai. I finally found shoes in some shops in Hong Kong. I did have a little hope in Kunming at a sports shop on Renmin Xi Lu just west of Huancheng Xilu on the south side of the street. They offered to special order Merrell's for me in the correct size.

hedgepig (273 posts) • 0

if you're looking for leather shoes (as opposed to sneakers etc.), i think your best bet might be to track down a shoe tailor (cobbler?) who can make them up for you. shouldn't be too expensive.

the Chinese for made-to-measure is 订做 ding4zuo4, and for leather shoes is 皮鞋 pi2xie2.

S_zhongguo (18 posts) • 0

In the outdoors store at the northern end of Bei Men Jie they have certain types of Merrells in size US14 and also i think a size US12. Not sure what other sizes they have but i know i've seen those. Might be worth a look.

Andorra (3 posts) • 0

When you go west of town to the intersection of RenMin Xilu - Jinhua Pulu (near the Bus Station Number 6)...coming from Renmin Xilu turn right into Jinhua Pu Lu. There are only 2 shoe stores, one of them having a sign outside "seizes from 44-48. They have only a handfull of western style leather shoes for each 280 RMB. I use to buy them there and the quality is worth the money. Just consider that most "western shoes" in China are one number smaller in seize what they actually are in Europe.

Also on Renmini Xilu (accross the entrance of Kunming university) there is a long street with lots of little stores. When walking down that street you see on the left side the entrance of a cloth market. A lot is second hand and sometimes you can be lucky finding new shoes in seizes till 47.

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