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Thanks everybody for your advice, I have been looking up the hotels via C-trip/ Trip Advisor took me to a hotel on C-trip, but there is extra 20 yuan for booking online, so i don't know is it cheaper online or not ??

When I was looking at the C-trip website directly I wasn't offered this particular hotel, could that mean the no Foreigners??

Forums > Travel Yunnan > hotels in Yunnan

Hi Everyone,

I am a new traveler here China and I am kind of worried how to get a hotel room when I go to places, what I usually do is that I book my accommodation in advance but the online options seem to be a bit limited here in China. I am going to Mengzi tomorrow, on the way to Jinping where I will join a friend who speaks some Chinese, but I need to stay in Mengzi one night and I found a few hotels on Ctrip but I know there are more. Would you reckon I book it online or just turn up, consider please that my Chinese is very limited. Does the staff in hotels speak English usually so I could just turn up and get a room?


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Hi everyone, I was just wondering what is your experience of using VPN in Yunnan? would you recommend any particular?

this might be a bit stupid question but do you access this website without using VPN, you, who are in China atm?


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