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Hiking/trekking in Yunnan

enzoctavian (1 post) • 0

I just arrived here in Kunming and I'll be here for the next 6 months. I'd be mad interested in climbing/hiking a few mountains here in Yunnan. Preferably without guides and camping is a must. I've done some cool mountains in the Tianshan in Xinjiang as well as in Qinghai and have had amazing experiences.
Therefore I'm looking for some people who'd be interested in joining for some cool 3-4 day treks and summits. Tips of where to go are also highly appreciated.

jitkah (8 posts) • 0

Hey, i would love to join you, looking for some people to do trips with too, hiking sounds awesome! Get in touch. Wechat: jitkahruzova

mutikonkamutikonka (3 posts) • 0

I'm doing a 7-10 day hike from Deqin around Kawakarpo (Meili Xue shan) starting around 10 Oct if anyone is interested in joining me. contact beijingweek -at - gmail

mike4g_air (788 posts) • 0

I'm in the Dali / lijiang area with extensive knowledge of back roads and trails.
I'm with a few friends from Oct 13 to 17, we all paraglide and explore.

If plans match i could drive you guys up to a few areas in my jeep (4000msl) and point the way to the summits at Baima pass near Kawakarpo.

We also camp a lot....

my we chat mike4g

158 2525 6431 after oct 1

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