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Forums > Living in Kunming > English teaching: Is it viable in Kunming?

hey dan.

kunming IS a nice place.

1.) it's not difficult at all. especially if you have experience. i came here after teaching in taiwan and it was easy as pie to find work because experienced teachers are extremely rare here. You can expect to make anywhere between 70-110 RMB/hour (you'll have to convert that yourself :-])

2.) you definitely should NOT arrange work before getting here... unless you are looking for a more 'professional' teaching post like in a university or something. there are ads all around town for teaching jobs...

3.) well my experience is somewhat limited in kunming but so far i like it very much... i teach kindy mostly and it's so much fun. the management of the schools can be a bit hard to adjust to, but it's not something that should put you off from teaching here... that is, assuming you really like teaching...

hope this helps... feel free to email me at ryankunming[at] if you have any more specific questions...

have an especially good day,


Forums > Living in Kunming > Computers in Town?

Hey Mark!

This sounds a bit crazy, I know, but I will be moving to Kunming from Taiwan in September and I happen to have a one month old barely used Asus laptop (F9F) that I am looking to sell. You can look it up on Asus's global website ( There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, I just wanted a different model and thought it would have been easier to sell here but I got a bit lazy! And now I'm leaving Taiwan!

So if you're at all interested, I can sell you this model for 7000 RMB (around 30000 TWD). I paid 8100RMB (35000 TWD) and it really is like new.

Of course, like most peole you would like to get a NEW computer and this is quite a weird offer, I know... but if you're a little interested, let me know!

:-) Have a great day!

Forums > Study > Anyone starting at Yunnan Normal University in September 2007?

Hey Jared and Yellow Buck!

Nice to see this thread come to life a bit....

Weird but not so weird that you are in Taichung... know what I mean, yellowbuck?

And Jared, I just sent you an email...

Here's my email address, btw:

Make this day great.

Kunming, HO!


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sounds amazing, colin... whenever possible, i would love to do what you're doing...

by the way, who's that guy standing next to you in the picture? he looks like he may be a bad influence. stay away.


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