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English teaching: Is it viable in Kunming?

danbarazani (2 posts) • 0

Hi there!

Kunming sounds like a beautiful place, so I'm searching for information and general advice about teaching English there. Heres some general questions:

1) With a bachelor's, CELTA, and some oversease teaching experience, how difficult would it be to find a job and what sort of salary range should I expect?

2) Are most teaching jobs arranged before arriving in China, say via e-mail, or is the normal route just to show up and give out resumes in person?

3) Any other information/advice from people who've taught in Kunming?

Much obliged for any help!

ryano (7 posts) • 0

hey dan.

kunming IS a nice place.

1.) it's not difficult at all. especially if you have experience. i came here after teaching in taiwan and it was easy as pie to find work because experienced teachers are extremely rare here. You can expect to make anywhere between 70-110 RMB/hour (you'll have to convert that yourself :-])

2.) you definitely should NOT arrange work before getting here... unless you are looking for a more 'professional' teaching post like in a university or something. there are ads all around town for teaching jobs...

3.) well my experience is somewhat limited in kunming but so far i like it very much... i teach kindy mostly and it's so much fun. the management of the schools can be a bit hard to adjust to, but it's not something that should put you off from teaching here... that is, assuming you really like teaching...

hope this helps... feel free to email me at ryankunming[at]gmail.com if you have any more specific questions...

have an especially good day,


Ocean (1105 posts) • 0

Robert's School of Languages is the largest private language school in Kunming, run by an English guy with over 3000 students from 6 - 60! Always on the lookout for foreign teachers (esp with quals and exp). I'm one of 10 foreigner working there at the moment (plus 30 Chinese teachers) and it's a fun, supportive, professional atmosphere. Worth a look (contact [email protected]o.co.uk).

HOWEVER, I believe a recent PSB rule change means you can't get proper work visa without first returning to your home country to apply. So just turning up and looking for (legit) work is no longer such a good idea. Maybe others can confirm this?

tangjie (3 posts) • 0


Our school(Global IELTS School) need a foreigner to be our oral English teacher.

The requirements are following:
Firstly, who has Bachelor Degree or above;
Scendly, who can speak English fluently without strong local accent;
Thirdly,who has some teaching experience is prior;
Forthly,who has much patience with students.

If someone is interested in it,please contact with me, you are welcome to to our office directly everyday from 9am to 9pm.
Private No.:13769151949
Office No.:0871-3116652
Office address :20th floor,Dade Building,Jinbilu.

kkalyn (2 posts) • 0

Hey Everyone!

I dont have a bachelors degree.. but I have a 2 year diploma plus TEFL cert., plus teaching experience. Would I be able to get a job or is it necessary that I have a bachelors degree?


kkalyn (2 posts) • 0

oh, and p.s. how much would i be making?... and do I need to go home to get the work visa like Ocean said? because I am already in China haha

JDMKY (34 posts) • 0

You don't need a degree..........
You can go to Hong Kong and try one of the visa agents there if you have a letter from your language school.
You can earn about 5-6000 for a fifteen hour week.

onlyone (156 posts) • 0

According to chinese law you must have Z visa to obtain any job in China .You canot work with travel visa you have to go back your country holding the invitation letter and work certificates then apply for working visa .

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