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Forums > Study > Anyone starting at Yunnan Normal University in September 2007?

I am!

I am currently in Taiwan (have been here for 3 years) and I will be going back to China in late August (I have taught English in Guangxi before and I have also taught in HK).

I have been studying Chinese part-time and FINALLY I am ready to take the plunge into full-time study. Anyone else gonna be there in September? Reckon it would be cool to get to know some people before going...

Also, if anyone has anything they would like to share about the university, do post!

Have a fantastic day!

Ryan (OU RUI EN)


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sounds amazing, colin... whenever possible, i would love to do what you're doing...

by the way, who's that guy standing next to you in the picture? he looks like he may be a bad influence. stay away.


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