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Computers in Town?

mistermark (2 posts) • 0

Hi there, I just got to Kunming, and the price of computers seems quite high.. anyone know the cheapest place? maybe a laptop, or build a tower pc, as i'd like core 2 duo (doesn't everyone!)..
any help would be great.. and kunming seems a great place so far!

Ahmet (98 posts) • 0

Welcome to Kunming Mark! Computer resellers of all kinds are concentrated in one particular areea of the city. "121" Street and Yuan ton Lu. 1212 Street is part of HuanChengXi Lu. You'll find many small stores selling just about thing you can think of related to computers. There also several, multi floor computer "malls" in the same area. Prices are negotiable so don't hesistate to ask for a deal (especially on the extras like memory, cases, software, etc.).

In general prices for computers are about 30% higher than the US (even though most of the components are made in China!). Make sure that you do not leave the store without firing up computer will all of the memory and sofware installed. There are many defective (or incompatible RAM chips out there andmany fake pieces of software). Also, you will not find the latest models or the top of the line from major manufacturers. We purchased a "top of the lIn" Sony VIAO laptop last year (top of the line for Kunming) and it was the middle of the lineup for US. Same is true of Apple and Lenovo. While you can get most models you can't get the highest RAM, vidoe RAM or highest capacity hard drives.

The location again is near Yunnan Normal University. No. 64 bus is one of many that serves the area.

mistermark (2 posts) • 0

thanks ahmet, that's great.. i went yesterday to that area, and am amazed at the prices really.. strating to think maybe i could get one posted from the uk or us, but that's pretty risky too.. problem is i'll need eng. operating system, so software will need to be pirate - or an extra 1800rmb! and i'm noot sure that'd be original.. nothing against borrowing from microsoft, but i'm unsure of stability.. talking of which i might just get a tower built.. though i wanted a laptop. are there any decent 2nd hand places? any chance of duo core 2 on taht front?!
thanks again for your help - you've been here a while then? seems a cool place

andre (13 posts) • 0

hi mark, only oem supplier who handels english operation system without extra cost is dell. they sell all the equipment they have worldwide, but no shops so far, only internet or phone. i bought all laptops there with original english operating system and office packages...

hedgepig (273 posts) • 0

there's a Lenovo shop on the corner of Renmin Lu and Wuyi Lu that seems to have some pretty good prices on Toshiba laptops... dunno what the state of play is regarding English OS though...

ryano (7 posts) • 0

Hey Mark!

This sounds a bit crazy, I know, but I will be moving to Kunming from Taiwan in September and I happen to have a one month old barely used Asus laptop (F9F) that I am looking to sell. You can look it up on Asus's global website (www.asus.com). There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, I just wanted a different model and thought it would have been easier to sell here but I got a bit lazy! And now I'm leaving Taiwan!

So if you're at all interested, I can sell you this model for 7000 RMB (around 30000 TWD). I paid 8100RMB (35000 TWD) and it really is like new.

Of course, like most peole you would like to get a NEW computer and this is quite a weird offer, I know... but if you're a little interested, let me know!


:-) Have a great day!

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