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Forums > Food & Drink > Business Behaviour in KMG A word of advice for Francesca's BOX

1) It is your legal requirement to provide tax receipts.

2) le to answer the question for fapiao wit "soory, we dont have correct license for that. We try since XX months to get it!"

If you dont have correct licenses to run your establishment, don't do it...or buy invoices somewhere else...
Failure to provide tax receipts when asked is an offence, with can result in a fine of up to 10k rmb

3) its not suitable to just counter the request with the answer that you haven't received related approvals and permissions to issue tax invoices! Especially after running the place not only few weeks, but years!!!

4) Next time, in the unlikely event I go back, I will first consume all my food, then ask for a fapiao. If you don't provide one, then I will not pay for whatever I have eaten.

This is my legal right, according to my friend at the wuhau qu local tax bureau

P.S. thanks to Genghis to kikstart this - too much "innocent" behaviour in Kunming's forigner community!

Regulations are clear, all should comply with it, especially after running more than few weeks with a business!
We all are guests and paying taxes belongs to it as a longterm resident and business operator!!!!

Forums > Travel Yunnan > by car to vietnam - possible?

thinking about a New Year trip to Vietnam...South of Yunnan and then pass into Vietnam, to Hanoi and Haiphong by private car. Is this possible? If so any special to be taken care of?


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The setting after the renovation is much better - I am just missing the outdoor seats.

Food is nice, tasts are very good, just I have a personal problem, same as before some of the used ingrdiesnts/spices drive me to toilet 30min after consumption...and there is no exception always same...
I tried different combinations, but I just cant stand it.