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Forums > Food & Drink > Tea from Kunming

You're probably best off checking out the tea market. I wouldn't worry too much about being ripped off unless you're trying to spend a fair amount on a cake. If you or the person you're giving it to to doesn't know much about puer or tea in general, then you probably aren't shooting for ancient tree tea or tea from a famous region.

Most tea shops will let you try some tea and give you a price. Some have little tricks, but again, if you're not spending a ton and not too worried about paying a little more, it's not worth the energy worrying about it. Taste it and if you like it, buy it. If not, don't buy it. You can always ask for something better, more expensive, less expensive, etc. Tea shops are fairly accommodating like that.

You can get a decent Dianhong (yunnan black tea) for a good price. I wouldn't worry too much about that. With ripe puer I'd say just make sure it doesn't have any unpleasant tastes, such as too fishy or too much damp dirt taste. A little earthiness is normal, but a good one will be more clean, with a brighter liquid. Also, buy one that is at least 1-2 years old or more. Doesn't have to be expensive, but if it's produced this year, it may still have some funky flavour (normal, but not necessarily desirable). Raw puer is trickier if you're not familiar, IMO. If you ask for something from Yiwu region that might be the easiest to accept. Ancient tree will be expensive, but xiaoshu, taidi/plantation tea won't necessarily be. 100rmb, give or take for a 357g cake isn't bad.

The most consistent place would be if you find a Dayi shop. It's a chain and they do large scale productions, but it's fairly standardized. Like starbucks.

Otherwise you're also free to DM me as well if you want to stop by my tea studio. Same as the user above, no pressure, just an opportunity to learn a bit if you want.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Two things...

I don't know if it's still there as it's been a few years since I checked it out, but Ring Kings on renmin zhong is a dedicated boxing gym. Seemed pretty legit.

Other than that, theres a place called Zyng or Zynga (something like that) at Nanya that does boxing and muay thai. You pay up front for a batch of classes. My gym at Nanya also has a decent room for training ont he pads with 2 heavy bags. No ring though. Sounds like the south might be out of your way, but if you ever wanted to get together and work combos, I'm down.

There's a supposedly good dental clinic on the same floor of my gym at nanya, Lanchie. There was an article on them here when they opened that was quite positive.

Forums > Food & Drink > Food tips & ideas

I mostly find a lot of things that I would make in my previous life ends up having Yunnan flavours substituted/added in in.

I don't have much in the way of recipes, but I'll make fajitas with salty vegetables/yancai added to refried beans, along with a bit pickled chilis (can't remember what it's called - the sambal sauce-like one). Salty vegetables are surprisingly good in a lot of things.

The other is just pasta with a meat sauce (either from scratch or cans + ground beef), but more Yunnan spices. A lot more. Huajiao is key too. My mother in law particularly likes that one, but might not realize it's not authentic Italian food.

There's also been a few times I've made a curry and forgotten/been too impatient to wait 15 mins to make rice. In those cases I just steam up some ersi and throw the curry on that. Delish.

Another ingredient I've fallen in love with is lufu. It's fermented tofu that comes in a jar, a lot of times an option if you go a hotpot place that has a make your own dip section. Some are better than others (apparently there's one from chuxiong that's superior?), but it's great as a dip for just about anything, like fajitas.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Photographic Film prices and development

My wife just got a Contax RX and is currently sitting on 4 rolls of film that need developing after travelling. She says she heard of a good place that processes film for 10RMB/rolll (I think).

Going to drop it off tomorrow, but can report back and provide details for those interested. As for film, I'm not sure of many other resources besides Taobao, however maybe this guy can provide a few more options tomorrow.


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Not too bad. Price for doubles is reasonable, although when we wanted to buy them at the advertised 40% price during the day, we were told only beer, not cocktails. Regardless, they were still about the price of some other places' happy hour prices, so I can't complain too much I guess. Service was definitely more prompt and attentive than most places.