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Forums > Living in Kunming > Windows help?

@tigertiger - I have a few Win7 Ultimate keys that are definitely not in use. Will dig one up and pm you it.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Vietnam turnaround visa run?

Bit of an off topic question, but does anyone know if the Vietnam consulate is open today?

My guess is it's not, as I tried calling and didn't get an answer (yet).

Forums > Living in Kunming > Computer service

I second the computer market off of 121. They'll be able to fix it quickly. You may have to wait a few days if they need to order the part, but it can probably be gotten quickly.

If it comes down to replacing the laptop display, it doesn't have to be that costly. Depending on how common the part is, you should be able to get a replacement for only a few hundred RMB + labour.

One thing to watch out for is that some people will incorrectly diagnose computer/electronics problems too quickly, or just don't want to figure out the real root of the issue. It's good to take it to a few people (who are usually located close by).

Forums > Food & Drink > Yunnan coffee

Thanks for checking. Worst case I can always just mail my brother some when I get back too, but it would be nice to show up with some in hand. Anyway, appreciate the effort.

Forums > Food & Drink > Yunnan coffee

Thanks, I wasn't aware of when coffee is harvested around here. I figure it followed a similar schedule to tea, but apparently not. Around what month/time of year does Yunnan coffee typically start to show up on the market?

I'm not looking for much. Maybe around 2kg to bring back to my my brother, who roasts his own beans. I'll be visiting him from December 5th, so I'm looking to get my hands on them sooner than later. I gave him some earlier this year and he really liked them, so I figured I'd show up with a bit more.


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Not too bad. Price for doubles is reasonable, although when we wanted to buy them at the advertised 40% price during the day, we were told only beer, not cocktails. Regardless, they were still about the price of some other places' happy hour prices, so I can't complain too much I guess. Service was definitely more prompt and attentive than most places.